Snow: Play and Learn!


We are very fortunate to have a large yard that the children can experience nature in, while still being in a controlled, very safe and supervised environment. And since it’s been snowing in New York now, it has given us and them an opportunity to play with snow. The snow-filled yard and our greenhouse have been our classrooms the past few days.

We encourage the children to approach and understand the winter wonderland in stages. The first snowfall is clean and pristine so the children can taste it. As it gets firmer, they make snowballs and snow cakes. Finally, they paint on the ice as it begins to freeze.

This first-hand, sensory-laden experience is priceless and the best teaching tool possible.

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Look! It’s snowing!


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This week has been an extraordinary one. We’d had a visit from Storm Jonas over the weekend, and the city was covered with snow. As was our backyard, of course. And so, on Monday, once everyone was safely in school, we decided to explore the winter wonderland outdoors, setting the theme for the entire week.

On Monday, watching the children experience and explore snow was a revelation. Some of them cried. Some of them ate it. There were lots of shouts and exclamations –

“It’s so cold!”

“I want to go inside!”

“Snow! Snow! Snow!”

Bit by bit, everyone began having fun, as we had a snowball game, and made snow angels.

As the week progressed, and the snow began hardening, we made a snow cave that the kids absolutely loved exploring. And, finally, they painted on the snow.

Playing in the snow can be very beneficial, apart from the enormous fun, of course. It requires children to use their reflexes, and coordination. It encourages group play, which of course brings their social skills to the fore. Being outdoors, and one with nature, also teaches children not to fear the elements, helping them build a relationship of love and awareness with the world around them.