Resources: Cooking with Kids

We hope our posts on cooking with our students in school motivate you to cook at home with your kids. Or, if you already do, to try new dishes and cuisines. (Italian? Indian? Korean or Japanese?)

Here are some cookbooks and resources to help you, and please do read the piece we shared on taste education. Happy cooking!

Fanny at Chez Panisse: A Child’s Restaurant Adventures with 46 Recipes , recommended by The Kitchn

The Forest Feast for Kidsrecommended by A Cup of Jo

Ella’s Kitchen: The Cookbook, recommended by The Independent

Dinner: the Playbook and the really resourceful, honest blog, Dinner: A Love Story, by the same author

And a fantastic post by Molly Wizenberg on how to cook with kids at home


World on a Plate: Italy

We started the week with a trip to Italy, and it was delicious, just like you would hope it would be.

Re’em’s mom, Efrat came to whip up a delicious lunch of lasagne with the kids, and she brought a surprise with her!

As we waited for the lasagne to bake, we put together a platter of simple, yummy antipasti that the kids loved help make and eat.

They washed the cherry tomatoes and chopped them.


They helped crumble the cheese. (And taste it!)

Pitched in as the tomatoes, cheese and olives were mixed with olive oil, salt and pepper and basil.

And the antipasti was ready! The children loved eating it with bread sticks. It was such an easy treat to make.

Try this at home: Make this with your kids, as a snack, or an appetiser. It takes very little time and effort, and you can change it up according to what you have at home.