Every morning, a group of children make their way through the busy streets of New York’s Lower East Side to a preschool tucked away on Suffolk Street.

Here, they spend their days playing in a delightful, custom-landscaped garden.

They engage in activities and lessons that are crafted to introduce them to the world in a sensory, intuitive manner. They learn how to trust their experiences, and explore their surroundings with curiosity. They create meaningful relationships with one another and their teachers, outside of a controlled environment. They are encouraged to use their intelligence and instincts. They cultivate a sense of trust both with themselves, and their peers.

They discover the joys of learning. And of life.

They begin to understand the world.

They end every day with muddy fingers, open minds, and full hearts.

At Elements Preschool, learning is rooted in everyday magic. Our blog is a reflection and record of each week at school. 

Thank you for stopping by. We encourage you to visit our website, http://elementspreschool.com/, and to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You can also subscribe to our newsletter by writing in to info@elementspreschool.com, so we can add you to our database.

If you would like to come visit Elements, and get a tour, please contact us on 212-982-4444 or info@elementspreschool.com 

We hope you keep visiting. 

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