Volcanoes. Rock. Art.

The Adventurers and Explorers classrooms are learning about fire and volcanoes! This activity is a fun way to help the children learn better by doing. Its objective is to demonstrate how many of Earth’s common rocks were made made by volcanoes, where rocks and minerals are melted and reformed.

The children were first read a story to introduce them to volcanoes. The Adventurers discussed rocks and their formations and the teacher showed them igneous rocks. There were lots of questions and observations.

Then, the kids were led outside and asked to collect rocks. As many as they would like, and of any colour, size and shape.

Once the rocks were collected, everyone gathered around and talked about they looked like. The students were encouraged to name colours, shapes and identify sizes.

Then, each child was given a sheet of cardrobe and encouraged to create an artwork using the rocks they had collected. This was really fun for them, because they had spent time in the garden choosing their materials.

If you try this activity at home, we recommend using tag board or cardboard to attach the rocks. If you plan on using glue, small rocks work best for this project. It’s also a great idea to build temporary rocks sculptures outside.

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