Cooking with Kids: Avocado Toast

This is a healthy and delicious lunch the kids enjoyed at Elements. It is easy to make and much of it can be done by children, with a little help from adults. The steps in bold are for adults only.



Bread slices



Olive oil

Smash the avocados, and juice the lemons.

Add the lemon juice to the avocado. Mix very well.

Cut the tomatoes in half.

Each child got slices of bread, which they spread the avocado on, to make sandwiches, which they ate with tomatoes on the side.

Photo Jul 20, 10 38 34 AMPhoto Jul 20, 10 43 46 AMPhoto Jul 20, 10 46 12 AM (1)Photo Jul 20, 10 48 36 AM (1)Photo Jul 20, 10 49 09 AMPhoto Jul 20, 11 04 12 AM (1)Photo Jul 20, 11 05 34 AM (1)Photo Jul 20, 11 15 20 AMPhoto Jul 20, 11 25 07 AM

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