World on a Plate: Brazil


On our gourmet visit to Brazil, we had Patricia Borelli come in to teach us about the beautiful country’s food. This is what she had to say:

“Brazilian culture is a mix of native tribal, Portuguese and African traditions. It’s a very big country with regional differences in culture and cooking, but overall there is a lot of meat and fish traditional dishes such feijoada, barbecue, fish and seafood on the coast; and regional sauces and seasonings.

Brazil is a tropical country and has plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables all year long. Now, our family is also vegetarian and with Italian background, so we do cook like Italians as well.

At school we cooked fried okras with lime (crunchy and great for spring weather), and we made a vegetable pie with sliced potatoes, zucchinis, colored carrots, mascarpone cheese and sharp cheddar (nutmeg and thyme to season).

The kids helped wash potatoes and slice carrots and cut okras.”

Thank you Patricia!

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