Let’s start preparing for spring!

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We are so excited to be preparing for the new season. For sunshine and laughter, and outdoor play. And, most of all, to be out in our garden, and greenhouse, growing plants.

One of the things we’re doing in anticipation of spring is germinating vegetable seeds for the greenhouse. As you can see in the pictures above, we’ve germinated seeds indoors, and are planting them in soil, so they can grow to be strong, wonderful plants. We’re hoping to enjoy lots of beans, lettuce and broccoli very soon.

Try this at home: Use an empty egg carton to get started, after a visit to your local nursery to choose the plants you’d like to grow. Once the saplings have germinated, please move them – carefully – into a larger pot. As the weather improves, you can move this pot into a well-lit corner of your home, or place it on your window-sill or in your garden.

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