Try This At Home: Everyday Art

At Elements, keeping children happy and busy is what we do, and we know that it’s what a lot of you have to do at home, as well. So here are two of our favourite art activities that are fun, easy to do and always put a smile on little faces.

Magic with little hands and feet

You need:

  1. Sheets of paper
  2. Non-toxic watercolours
  3. A brush
  4. Your little one’s hands and feet

You could either spell a word, like we have – Love – or paint a turkey!

Have your child pick a favourite colour and paint it over a hand, or a foot. Place it on the sheet of paper, to create your desired image.



You need:

  1. A sheet of contact paper
  2. Lots of coloured bits of paper
  3. Glue

Draw the outline of a butterfly on the contact paper. Give the child glue, and a pile of coloured bits to choose from. Have them glue the bits into the butterfly.

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