The world on a plate

We started a new tradition at Elements Preschool this year – introducing our children to a new cuisine every week.

The first country our palates visited was India, via a delicious lunch of roti and raita – traditional Indian flatbreads, and a yoghurt dip.

Our eager students helped us knead the dough – a simple one of flour, water, oil, a pinch of a spice called ajwain (carom seeds) and salt.

They then had a lot of fun taking turns rolling it out. The making of small rounds of dough, which were then flattened, helped them use their motor skills, and sense of coordination.


They watched as the rotis were cooked on a pan. There was lots of enthusiasm in the room!


For the raita, the children peeled and chopped potatoes. The task took up all of their concentration, and dexterity! The potatoes were then blended with yoghurt, and a little salt.




And lunch was served!


Even the pickiest eaters wiped their plates clean. The new flavours that they had helped create were just too yummy to resist.



Several studies have shown that taste education in children needs to start young, in order for them to appreciate all kinds of foods. Our new tradition at Elements aims to do just this.

Have a wonderful weekend – we will see you back next week, with more stories and adventures.

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