Play & Learn: 1

It has been a busy fall season so far at Elements, and we’re thrilled to share some of the highlights with you.

We’ve been busy with a number of activities that combined a whole lot of learning with a whole lot of fun – every two months, we choose a theme from the five elements, and all activities are rooted in that theme.

Over this, and the next two posts, we’d love to give you a glimpse into what our students engage in, every week.

Making a Volcano

As part of the curriculum, the children made a volcano with their teachers. An empty bottle was used as the base; students tore newspapers to make papier mache, which was then pasted on the bottle. They painted the papier mache and while the paint dried, they mixed the ingredients for the lava mixture. One child helped the teacher pour the mixture into the bottle and the class loved watching the volcano erupt.


This activity stimulated the children cognitively, and helped them acquire/exercise several skills. They asked several questions as they worked, which taught them more about every step of the activity and the conversation introduced them to new words. As they measured out ingredients, they practiced their counting skills. Working as a team developed their social and emotional skills – they had to wait their turn and learn from one another. Most importantly, the activity helped them access and exercise their creativity.

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