Play & Learn: 3

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We encourage our students to understand ingredients, try new flavors and develop their palates.

While the weather permitted, the students tended to fruit and vegetable patches in the school garden, learning about seasons and where their food comes from. They helped sow seeds, and water the plants, until the vegetables were ready to be harvested. They made salsa with tomatoes and basil that they helped grow, and enjoyed cucumber sticks with a yoghurt dip. Gardening helps them understand nature, the concept of seasons, and how to care for the environment.

Apart from this, we also make lunch with them on Wednesdays; each student is asked to bring a vegetable from home, which they wash and chop. We use all the vegetables to make soup, which becomes the afternoon meal for the students. Cooking introduces them to math and the joys of teamwork. While some children can be fussy eaters on other days or at home, we find that they all finish their bowls of soup on Wednesdays. The fun of being involved in every step of its making makes a huge difference to how they eat.

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