Everyday Magic


For years, I watched young children in the family, and of my friends’, first make their way through the world with wonderment, and then with resignation and, even worse, cynicism. For years, I noticed the disconnect they had from nature, and the fact that they were very rarely offered a chance to discover it at all. It was exactly like the journey of my friend’s niece. They walked out fearless and full of creativity and imagination, and were stifled. It would break my heart. And then when my little daughter came into my life, it was time for me to crystallise those thoughts and observations, into action.


I began reading about various philosophies of education, and the different systems of education; as I went from book to book, it struck me that there must be hundreds, or thousands, of other parents out there who wish to introduce their children to a learning enviroment that places greater emphasis on discovery, multi-dimensional growth, social skills, relationships and a connection with nature.

As we articulate it on our website, the vision for Elements is:

  • To provide our students with a safe, dynamic and diverse nature-based learning environment.
  • To encourage creativity, curiosity, critical thinking and imagination.
  • To help each child develop a bond with themselves and the world around them.

Through the journey of setting Elements up, working with our fantastic team and spending days with bright, happy, beautiful children, I have come full circle as a parent, and the founder of a preschool. At Elements, my team and I work hard to make sure that every one of the children is offered the time, space and resources to learn with wonder, and not fear or tiredness. Every day.

Thank you for visiting the blog of Elements Preschool. I really hope that you will stop by each week and be a part of our journey.

Shilpa Sethi


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